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Italian Style Spaghetti Bolonaise (Spaghetti with Meat Sauce) with Garlic Bread

A slow simmered meat sauce with ground beef, sweet Italian sausage, peppers, onions, tomatoes and more. The methods used give this sauce an authentic Italian flavor I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Add a piece of garlic bread and a salad and … Continue reading

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Italian Style Stuffed Peppers and Cabbage Rolls

A wonderful italian style tomato, rice and meat mix that can be used for both stuffed peppers and cabbage rolls. Both of these are great entrees or side dishes, take your pick. If you like stuffed peppers and cabbage rolls … Continue reading

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Creamy Turkey Tettrazini (Turkey and Noodles in Cream Sauce)

Shredded dark meat turkey in a flavorful white cream sauce with vegetables, pasta and a crispy breadcrumb topping. This is very easy to put together and the flavors blend together perfectly. Great for a summer dinner, this is definitely comfort … Continue reading

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Italian Style Braised Short Ribs in Marinara Sauce with Spaghetti

Juicy, tender, melt in your mouth goodness! Short ribs braised in a tomato and wine based sauce and cooked until the meat falls apart. Add some al dente spaghetti, cheese and fresh basil. This is one delicious resaurant quality meal! … Continue reading

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Italian Style Mouthwatering Meatball Burgers

Ground beef, sweet Italian sausage, pepperoni, peppers and onions, marinara sauce and don’t forget the cheese! These burgers are delicious and simple to make. Add some french fries and a salad and you’re all set… Enjoy!

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Italian Style Steak Parmesan with Spaghetti

Thin cut steaks lightly seasoned and double breaded in Italian style breadcrumbs top a big mound of spaghetti and smothered in cheese. Baked to bubbly perfection. Grab yourself a piece of garlic bread and a nice garden salad and dig … Continue reading

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Incredible French Bread Pizza Recipe!

This french bread pizza is over the top! Almost two inches thick and loaded with cheese, meat and veggies! It’s actually easy to make and you can have fun decorating it with toppings to make a picture perfect french bread … Continue reading

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